pediatric audiology

woman holding her baby

What to Expect

At this appointment, the audiologist will meet with you to review the test results and discuss what types of devices would be best suited for your baby.
pediatric hearing test

Pediatric Hearing Testing

All newborns are screened at birth for hearing loss, typically prior to discharge. If they refer upon the screening, the birthing hospital will refer the family for diagnostic Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing at specifically equipped facilities.
dizzy child

Dizziness in Children

Many children with permanent (cochlear) hearing loss also have problems with the balance part of their ears. These problems are likely to present differently in children than they do with adults.
baby with hearing aids

Keeping Hearing Devices on Your Baby

Babies learn best in a natural progression and by fitting them with devices as soon as possible, they can maintain that natural progression. Making the devices part of their daily routine before they find their ears and the devices makes the curiosity stage much easier.