Audiology Services

earmolds and professional hearing test equiptment
Adult Testing

Immittance to assess middle ear function. Thorough pure tone and speech evaluations to determine the softest sounds you can hear across a range of frequencies important for speech and environmental awareness.

child getting ear examined
Pediatric Audiology

Audiometry for ages 5 years and older, including visual reinforcement and conditioned play audiometry for children.*

man with tinnitus

Tinnitus Treatment Consultation. Schedule a tinnitus treatment consultation at either of our office locations.

hearing aid repairs
Batteries and Parts

Hearing aid batteries and parts (domes, waxguards, etc).

med rx
Real Ear Measurements

Real ear and electroacoustic measurements of hearing devices. These objective measures confirm hearing devices are working appropriately.

Hearing Loss Concept
Hearing Protection

Hearing conservation and hearing protection devices.

custom ear mold
Custom Earmolds

Custom specialty earmolds, such as custom music-listening molds and musician molds.

cochlear implant
Implantable Devices

Cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids are solutions for particular types of hearing losses.

Otolaryngology Ear Check Using Otoscope.
Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing aid evaluations, fittings, troubleshooting and follow up care.

*In both of our offices, we can test children who are school age. This limitation is due to space and equipment.

We can see younger children for hearing aid work at the temporary office in Sutton.  In Smithfield, we can see age 5 and older hearing aid work.

Once we move into our permanent space in Grafton and acquire a larger sound booth and more equipment, we can resume hearing testing for as young as six months.  Construction on the new building begins in the Spring (our old building was lost to a fire Oct. 2023).