audiology services

Hearing Test

Adult Testing

Immittance to assess middle ear function.
pediatric audiology

Pediatric Audiology

Audiometry for ages 6 months and older, including visual reinforcement and conditioned play audiometry for children.
musical triangle representing ringing in ears of tinnitus


Tinnitus Treatment Consultation. Schedule a tinnitus treatment consultation in South Grafton, MA.
hearing aid batteries

Batteries and Parts

Hearing aid batteries and parts (domes, waxguards, etc).
hearing protection

Hearing Protection

Hearing conservation and hearing protection devices.
real ear measurements

Real Ear Measurements

Real ear and electroacoustic measurements of hearing devices.
custom earmolds

Custom Earmolds

Custom specialty earmolds, such as custom music-listening molds and musician molds.
Implantable Devices

Implantable Devices

Cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids are solutions for particular types of hearing losses.
hearing aid evaluations

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing aid evaluations, fittings, troubleshooting and follow up care.